Not taking your stupid ass advice

by Beatsqueef

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Conceived and recorded over one hazy, stoned weekend in an apartment on Irving Park and Richmond, in Chicago. We were asked to do the soundtrack to a film a friend was making at Columbia College about billiards or some bullshit called 'The Mississippi Breaks' so that's what we did. The friend ended up not liking it and made several suggestions on how we could change it, hence us saying eat dicks and releasing it on our own. The friend never finished the movie, of course. He actually flipped out on acid one night and we never saw or heard from him again, after. That sounds made up but that's exactly what happened, he ran out the door screaming and that was that, never came around again.

Originally released in a very small pressing of nice double vinyl (by someone not us, I never even got a copy) and cool looking CD with a silver case under the band name 'The Mississippi Breaks' (by us, I still have boxes of unsold ones in my closet, a testament to impulsive financial foolishness) but since I play every instrument on it, I have since stolen it back and now it's a Beastqueef album.
I have since forgiven Jackson Williams for his transgressions and now only feel pity for him.


released December 10, 2010

All songs written/Recorded/Performed and all that by Jay Jay Dongle and Jackson Williams.
Beats/Synth/Bass/Keyboard/Guitar/Live Drums/Samples by Jay Jay.
Scratching/Samples by Jackson.



all rights reserved


Beastqueef Chicago, Illinois

"Demons provoked a false pregnancy in some women, filling their belly with air due to certain herbs they forced them to drink in beverages during the Sabbaths; at the time of giving birth to the child, only a large quantity of fouled air escaped from the woman's vagina"

From 'The Malleus Maleficarum', 1487
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