by Beastqueef

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released July 3, 2010

All songs written/recorded/performed and all that by Jay Jay Dongle except where noted.



all rights reserved


Beastqueef Chicago, Illinois

"Demons provoked a false pregnancy in some women, filling their belly with air due to certain herbs they forced them to drink in beverages during the Sabbaths; at the time of giving birth to the child, only a large quantity of fouled air escaped from the woman's vagina"

From 'The Malleus Maleficarum', 1487
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Track Name: Horrible people doing horrible things to one another
Would you let a man
Violate your can?
Till it stretched and tore
With an ear of corn?

Would you let the same man
Take a dump in your hand?

Would you let a dog
Bathe your face with BLAW?
Would you take it all down?
Would you take off your thong?

Why, he's forgotten to lube!
Freak called out 'Hey, lucky!' to you
Boys just crawled into the club
Liquor taken through the nub
Track Name: Aluminum Bird
When I come and I will come
I'll get to the bottom of where they're from
Till then, just keep them at bay
I give the orders I pray you obey

Make no contact till I arrive
Have no illusions, they'd take your life
Only I can deal with these types
If you made a move on them, you'd surely die
Track Name: Fuck it, I'm moving in with the Columbines
...then I drank some wine
and it fucked up my judgement
it all seemed perfectly sane at the time

Once in awhile
you hit a fork in the road
and you find that you'd followed your crime

...then I drank some wine
and it cleared up my vision
it was clear what I'd do with my time

The music pours right out, I shout
In my final days
as many as I have laid out in a line
Track Name: Trust me, you never wanna sit down next to a clown in a bar (Part 1)
You don't know a God damn thing about
Circus life
You don't know a God damn thing about
What it's like

I could fill a book this thick with
Nothing but regrets
I've never met a situation
I haven't fucked up yet

Let me tell you what my day consists of
Let me tell you about this glamorous life
I wake up in a trailer covered in shit and piss and vomit
This is my life

This is my life. This is real life. My Real life.

My dignity went out that window
The day I painted my face Day-Glo
My happiness soon was to follow
My humanity was last to go
I drink myself into a coma
Every night when the show is over

I do things I am not proud of. I do things I am not proud of. This is my life.
Track Name: Sympathy for the bully
Today is a day you'll wish you could take back
Today I cement my place within the pack

This is less about you
and more about me
and my rightful place in society

Up till now your life has been carefree
You have not yet encountered the likes of me
Yet I stalk the yard day after day
Studying the habits of my helpless prey

When you woke up this morning could you feel it was coming?

You have no standing, no means of defense
My singling out of you was no coincidence
To this plan of humiliation I pledge complete devotion
Recess bell sets your fate in motion

My initial attack will be sudden and violent
Those gathered around will be shocked into silence
You won't understand why this has happened to you
You won't understand why this was something I had to do

I intend to leave you a broken man
Erase your innocence with my bare hands
This is the power I now hold over you
and it's only just begun once this beating is through

This is a lesson that'll stick with you
When you are an old man and your days are just about through
This is a lesson that'll stick with you

I'll go on and live my life
Forget you even exist
You'll go on and live your life
But you'll always remember my fists

The funny thing about my attack
I had no plan if you would have fought back
Track Name: Fucking Russians
Just like the old days it's coming back
Everything gonna turn all black
and they come give me the business
Tellin' me just what it is

They're gonna take my head
and twist it off my trunk, I know
Take me to the river and dump me
Way down below

Never have you seen a man so happy
To watch another man die
Bust his teeth out, cut his hands off
Harder to identify

No matter how hard I try
The pile's gonna build to the sky
I'm pushing even further back now
I'm tired but they want a hand now

They've got my hands unhooked now
It makes no sense, I gotta cook now?
They don't like what I'm saying
This judge, he sent me away
Track Name: Cold/Dead/Chrome (Eyes)
I have no idea what I was thinking. She's got those cold, dead, chrome eyes.
Track Name: The last person I'd ever wanna see
This is the end of time.

Here at the end of time
Just a moment is gold
I'm stuck here with you
Please, just a moment alone

This is the end of time.
Track Name: This thing is aight!
Wandered into a new way to waste time
This guy Steve, turns out he's alright
Track Name: Should have said fuck it right off the bat
I should have known. You're not full grown.
Track Name: Purrmaid Redux
Three lil' kittens, born under Bush
Track Name: Furry unity rally erupts into violence
All day long, these wolves been gettin' high
Track Name: What's your sign?
I noticed that your head is on fire
and your body is connected by a wire
I noticed that you've got no pants
a sure sign of low class

What's your sign?

Crooked smile that I can see through
With a doof who thinks it's all about you
Stupid partners, choose her friends
Stupid fucks, till the end

I don't know what you can offer me
To make me think differently
I'm not amused, I'm not laughing
Stick and stones, a place in your lies, man
Track Name: Seven little notches
Seven little notches in my forehead
Track Name: Fucking cops whatever fuck off
I can see where someone wants to lie
Track Name: Remember, you owe me forever
I come over
To get what is mine
I'm not concerned with
Your mood or the time

Is it too late tonight for a throw?
I'll come over, and go for a roll

You still owe me, and I'm drinkin' tonight
Track Name: Move along, son
An air of confidence just oozes from this creature
He's got a complex mind
Try and you might, he won't give up his secrets
You think you're the first person to come on by?
It happens all the time

He holds the tools of communication in his belly
Remnants of some long forgotten curse
he got on the bad side of someone powerful
I don't have to tell ya, there's nothing worse

Years pass like minutes to a man of his nature
Stoic, calm, resigned to his fate
Placed here as a warning to all who may pass
Heed this example before it's too late
Track Name: How much for the loofah?
What kind of girl demands that on the first date?
I met her at Cleo's back when I would DJ late
I was a young man, with no big morals
Gladly took her offer and proceeded on forward
Track Name: Theme from bitch ass sandwich in the park (with violence)
It's a fine day for a sandwich in the park with friends.